B2B-StandardSolution Utilities

The top market communication solution for energy providersThe B2B-StandardizedSolution for Utilities is the leading standardized market communication solution for energy providers, and meets all their B2B communication requirements. It features simple, comprehensive, traceable workflow management, and ensures that processes are fully transparent and compliant with regulations. It also offers considerable flexibility, load-dependent scalability and complete protection for your investment. The B2B-StandardizedSolution for Utilities can run in conjunction with SAP IS-U and SEEBURGER’s SAP add-ons for SAP IS-U, supplying truly complete end-to-end monitoring for all your market communication and SAP IS-U processes.

Easy workflow management

This industry solution supplies utility providers and their operational IT departments with a cockpit that enables them to see any data errors in their communications immediately and automatically lets the relevant employees know that they need to correct them, thereby ensuring that errors are dealt with swiftly. And thanks to the electronic meter point record, users can view this information directly in SAP IS-U.

Ongoing B2B process transparency

Important processes that help users in their IT administration are monitored to create complete process transparency – from receipt of data through to the ERP application that processes it. This monitoring process is centralized and cross-system, and covers the back end, integration and communications. Other features include SAP status synchronization, automatic deadline monitoring for control messages, transfer protocols for data checks and EDI logging. And thanks to the electronic meter point record, SAP IS-U users can view the end-to-end process information in the SAP IS-U system.

Guaranteed compliance

Thanks to the fact that the solution is completely standardized and includes an integrated change management function, your processes are guaranteed to comply with relevant standards such as GPKE, GeLi Gas, MaBiS, GABi Gas and WiM. Quality control of the data exchange process is carried out using syntax and model error checking (CONTRL and APERAK). The B2B-StandardizedSolution for Utilities can be integrated with internal applications such as ERP, EDM, CRM, billing and ZFA, and also enables you to exchange data with major customers. The solution meets all the current transfer standards, allowing you to connect with suppliers, operaters and customers quickly, while being fully compliant with regulations.

High throughput thanks to high flexibility and load-dependent scalability

The B2B-StandardSolution Utilities is already configured to meet the latest requirements, plus a wide range of business tools are available for making individual adjustments (users can also carry out such adjustments without these tools). Further Support for users comes in the form of graphic development tools for drawing mappings and processes, and there are also tools to help utility providers and their IT departments cooperate on the development of business processes. Load balancing will enable you to handle large amounts of data.

Complete protection for your investment

The B2B-StandardizedSolution for Utilities incorporates over 20 years’ experience of successful development and consultation work, and has been highly rated by analysts. Our ongoing development and service and support services mean that your investment is protected in the long term. Thanks to SAP standard interfaces that include an updating service, the solution can be updated to meet new requirements on key dates (e.g. in Germany 1st .of April and1st of October for new message sturcutres and process regulations by law).

Benefits of the B2B-StandardizedSolution for Utilities:

  • Robust, scalable and certified technology
  • Pre-configured for SAP IS-U
  • Can be integrated into other utilities systems via interfaces
  • Over 150 players in the energy industry already rely on SEEBURGER’s software and process expertise
  • SEEBURGER has more than 20 years’ experience leading the EDI/B2B market

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