Utilities Process Cockpit

The utilities process cockpit for SAP IS-U provides total process transparency for all companies involved in the provision of energy, from receipt of the EDIFACT message through to filing of the record data. 


  • A tried-and-trusted solution: more than 250 players in the energy market already rely on SEEBURGER’s software and process expertise.
  • Covers all companies involved in the provision of energy: suppliers, distribution grid operators, balancing group managers, g/wMSB, g/wMDL
  • Covers all the relevant processes for GPKE, GeLi Gas, MaBiS, GaBi and “WiM” (for switches of utility meters), including the integration of monopoly sectors

The Utilities Process Cockpit consists of: 

Meter point console for SAP IS-U

  • Provides an overview of all your market communication, including deadline monitoring
  • From receipt of data through to filing the record data in SAP
  • Graphically displays status for all stages of the process
  • Cases requiring clarification are processed automatically

Meter point monitor for SAP IS-U

  • All the key master data and process data is available at a glance
  • Displays current process and workflow status and indicates any missing process records
  • Displays history for all processes, records, procedures and changes
  • Can be integrated into SAP CRM or CIC applications

Process console for SAP IS-U

  • Displays any missing records for each business process
  • Graphically displays business processes, including all sub-processes
  • Monitors deadlines and calculates missing records
  • Provides an overview of all workflows, including employee deployment and displays up-to-date statuses

Reporting and statistics for SAP IS-U

  • The most important reports are already pre-installed, e.g. reports on switches of utility meters
  • Reports are provided in graphic form or as charts
  • Reports are dispatched automatically
  • Your own reports can be integrated

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