Digital Change impacts companies to constantly design and implement new digital business models. Seamless integration and collaboration of all stakeholder is key for a healthy digital ecosystem. At the conference we will give you the latest updates about integration, of all your systems, applications, business partners and cloud services. And, how you can access all your
data anywhere in real-time, enabling higher revenue and profit in your firm’s core business.


SEEBURGER will do a presentation at 14:45 where our customer SEB will present about their integration strategy and how to be able to offer new digital services based on SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite.

Come to our presentation, visit our booth or meet us at the coffee-stop, and we can discuss why it is critical to have a modern, comprehensive integration solution that supports your digital transformation.

SEEBURGER has access to VIP tickets / Free tickets - if you want to participate please register to the conference on the event page and enter the VIP code "SEEBURGER" when you register to access the VIP tickets. More information about the conference is available at: Integrate to Innovate event page

Meet SEEBURGER at the conference Integrate 2 Innovate
Birger Jarl, Birger Jarlsgatan 61 A, Stockholm
24 April 2018  |  Sweden